Patna is the country’s capital of Bihar. It is also the hub of tourism in India. A cosmopolitan city with an incalculable number of burgeoning industries, Patna is blessed with a historical place. Patna is endowed with celebrated heritage buildings, bustling markets and newly constructed concrete structures.

Gol Ghar

Built in the Stupa architecture, the building has a height of 29 m. It is pillar-less with a wall of thickness of 3.6 m at the base. One can climb at the top of the Golghar through the 145 steps of its spiral stairway around it. The spiral staircase was designed to facilitate the passage of the workers who loaded and unloaded the grain in the granary, who had to carry grain-bags up one flight, deliver their load through a hole at the top, and descend the other stairs.

Bihar Museum

The Bihar government plans to build a tunnel to connect the Patna Museum and the Bihar Museum. The tunnel will be an art gallery of Bihar’s culture through artwork like Madhubani paintings. Visitors will get a glimpse of the state’s culture through various artworks on the wall of the proposed tunnel. while moving from Patna museum to the Bihar museum through the tunnel.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

The Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna was established as a Botanical Garden vide Government of Bihar, Forest Department's letter no. 1781V dated 13.4.1970 on a chunk of 34.00 acres land being part of the Governor’s campus. His Excellency the then Governor of Bihar, Shri Nityanand Kanoongo bestowed the land to the forest department to establish the garden. The Divisional Forest Officer, Gaya Forest Division was deputed as officer-in-charge of the Garden.

Buddha Smriti Park

The park of memories is a landscaped open space which have votive stupas from countries across the world, each designed in the architectural pattern representative of the specific country. The park symbolically represents the dispersion of Buddhism from Bihar to various regions of the world. It has a seating capacity of around 5000 people.

Origin/Destination Distance Time (approx.) Vehicle
Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport 10 Kms 20 Minutes Car
Patna Junction railway station 12 Kms 25 Minutes Car
Mithapur Bus Stand 15 Kms 30 Minutes Car
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